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Welcome to Samson Bio Division

    It's often referred to as 'bioagriculture/ agri biotechnology applies a range of scientific tools including genetic engineering, to different aspects of agriculture in order to create, improve/modify plants, animals and microorganisms. It has emerged as a new source of genetic diversity for crop improvement and has led to the development of drought tolerant crop varieties. The principal applications of bioagriculture include biofuels, crop transformation, and trait protection technologies. Along with the increased agricultural productivity and output the bioagriculture industry has brought significant economic benefits.

Our Mission

  • Increase Crop productivity

    Biotechnology has helped to increase crop productivity by introducing such qualities as disease resistance & increased drought tolerance to crops.

  • Environmental Benefits

    It results in reduced pesticide dependence, we have less pesticide residues on foods,reduce pesticide leaching into groundwater & we minimize farm worker exposure to hazardous products.

  • Enhanced Crop Protection

    We have been successfully transformed through genetic engineering to make a protein that kills certain insects when they feed on the plants.

  • Benefits for Developing Country

    It helps to improve health conditions in country.This crops has potential to significantly improve vitamin uptake in poverty-stricken areas.