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HUMIC ACID 70% (Solid Conditioner)

  • Humic Acid 70% is a high water soluble macromolecule Potassium Humate in a black brown crystal form. Humic Acid has an excellent solubility in water.
  • Humic Acid is alkalescence and includes active radicals such as hydroxyl, carboxyl and so on. Humic Acid 70% could be applied to foliar and soil.
  • Humic Acid can become multifunctional effective compound fertilizer and is useful for soil amendment, plant growth, fertility improvement, etc. when it combines with Nitrogen, Phosphorus, Potassium and other elements that are necessary for plants
  • Foliar Application:
    Stimulates plant growth, increases yield and improves quality of plants
    Improves nutrient uptake and the effectiveness of pesticides
  • Soil Application:
    Reduces nutrient losses and promotes root development
    Improves the soil structure and improves nutrient uptake by the root system

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